This week I’m about to undertake one of the most exciting experiments I’ve ever conducted.

The BestI’ve accepted six participants into my new program, a Year With Morty, which starts this week. The purpose of this program is for me to see how far I can help each one of them stretch the limits of what’s possible for a human being during 50 weekly one-on-one sessions and two three-day retreats. It starts this week. (I had planned to only accept five applicants; the sixth person was someone I was so excited about working with that I could not say, no.)

A couple of them know relatively little about The Lefkoe Method (TLM); they had only used the free online program to eliminate three common beliefs. One of them had taken every course and program we offer, including almost 20 private sessions with my wife Shelly or me. Two had only completed the 19-belief Natural Confidence course before they applied for the YWM. Only one had taken the Lefkoe Method Trainings to learn how to eliminate beliefs. So their experience with TLM is, for the most part, limited.

But all of them are totally committed to growing as much as they possibly can, to making as big a contribution to others as they possible can, and to living a more meaningful life.

I already know some of what I plan to teach them; some of the most important things they will learn don’t exist yet. I will create them during my interactions with them.

Some intended results are not new

I already know it is possible to:

  • Live a life with virtually no stress or emotional suffering.
  • Learn how the very words we use to describe reality can themselves limit our possibilities and how to use language to minimize that problem.
  • Virtually stop arguments with loved ones, without suppressing any feelings.
  • Experience unconditional love for specific people, even people whom you had disliked in the past.
  • Deeply understand the points of view of others, even those you disagree with, so that you can relate well to just about anyone.       (No point of view is ever “the truth.” All are the inevitable results of our stages of development and the beliefs that are formed from our experiences. If I had your stage of development and your life experiences
    [and the beliefs that then got formed] I would have your point of view and vice versa.)
  • Turn both your work and your life into a game, so that you can play them with passion and excitement without being attached to the outcome.
  • Experience happiness without needing to achieve any specific results.
  • Create the “Steve Jobs mindset,” whereby you experience and interact with a world that has very few limitations, as opposed to the world most of us live in that is filled with “I can’t ….”
  • Experience virtually no fear.

I know it is possible to experience life this way because I have been able to do it myself most of the time and I have taught many of these specific qualities to people in various courses we offer.

What else is possible?

But this year I expect to push the boundaries even further. I intend to identify more aspects of what’s possible for a human being and then create practices that will enable us to live that way on a consistent basis. Moreover, just as I dissolved meaning thousands of times along with the participants in my first couple of Lefkoe Freedom Courses (that were called the Occurring Course at the time), I intend to personally use all the practices I create for the participants in the YWM.

Given that the mission of the Lefkoe Institute is to “empower people to free themselves from their stress and suffering and create unimagined new possibilities for their lives,” this is one of the most exciting projects I have ever undertaken.

I’ll keep you informed as the year progresses. I am committed to finding a way to make as much of what I learn as possible available to everyone via additions to existing courses and new courses.


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