Is your happiness really dependent on results?

For most people, happiness and success are a function of the results they achieve. Their lives are dedicated to achieving results. The source of […]

Are you really an imposter?

Do you ever question your abilities despite evidence to the contrary?

Do you ever feel that you are a fraud because you think you don’t […]

Don’t Give Up. Ever. No Matter What.

How would you be living your life today if you hadn’t been able to speak until you were almost four years old and your […]

Are You Really Successful If You Aren’t Happy?

Although a lot of people have succeeded very well based on society’s standard for success: how much money and power they have, many—if not […]

Attract Money Now

If you are a reader of my weekly blog, you probably are interested primarily in

personal/spiritual growth, by which I mean improving the quality of […]

What should I do to get what I want?

Thank you very much for the overwhelming response to my request last week for blog topics. The questions that seem to have universal appeal […]