A few weeks ago I wrote: “I’m excited to be able to report that I am now convinced that you can drastically increase your ability to be significantly more successful in all areas of life, including your Jigsawability to make more money and accumulate more wealth.”

When I wrote that I wasn’t sure how to do it; I was only confident that it could be done. As I’ve written in the past, one of my favorite things is to promise to do something I don’t know how to do and then figure out how to do it. Well, I finally figured out how to do it and have created a program in which I promise to do it. I’m calling it the Unstoppable Mindset Program.

You really can learn to think like Jobs thought

This program will include teaching you how to think essentially the way Steve Jobs thought: with very few limitations or restrictions. In his world, virtually anything was possible. He didn’t inhabit a world like most of us where so many things can’t be done and must be done. His unique mindset enabled him to see possibilities and opportunities that most people never see. What I’m truly excited about is having figured out how to teach people to live out of that mindset.

People are often stopped from pursuing strategies they would like to implement because they think that they will fail, that they don’t have the ability to succeed, or that others will think they are stupid for even trying. None of those are the truth; they are all meaning that can easily be dissolved. So I will personally teach you how to distinguish and dissolve the unconscious and automatic meanings we give to events all day long, meanings that limit our possibilities and that are responsible for virtually all the negative feelings and stress we experience.

You have to unlearn the beliefs that keep you
from taking action

The Unstoppable Mindset Program also will include 10 private sessions with my wife Shelly Lefkoe, a Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitator who has been working with clients for over 25 years. During these sessions she will help you unlearn the relevant beliefs and decondition the relevant conditionings that act as barriers to you taking the action you need to take to achieve your goals.

Because we often make assumptions about what can and can’t be done that prevent us from creating breakthrough ideas, I will teach you a special process (the Lefkoe Belief Process—Possibilities) that will enable you to eliminate “I can’t” beliefs on your own after the program is over.

Finally, I will teach you have to use several unique and powerful techniques I’ve told you about, but have never taught before, including a way to create a context that lets you create in advance how you’ll experience all kinds of events. It transforms being the creator of your life from a nice feeling into a lived reality.

We’ve changed over the years

In the beginning, about 30 years ago, we were in the business of helping people stop their undesirable behaviors and emotions by unlearning beliefs. After many years we added getting rid of conditionings. Then, years later, I realized that most of our feelings and behaviors were determined by the meanings we gave events as they happened, minute by minute. So I figured out how to teach people how to dissolve those meanings. The next step was figuring out how to help people get to the point where they rarely gave meaning to events, which we have been doing for several years now.

Even though I figured out Steve Jobs’ secret (his mindset of no limitations) shortly after he died and I wrote a blog post about it, it never occurred to me to teach people how to acquire such a mindset.

What I realized just a few weeks ago was that the value of teaching all of these processes and practices in one package was significantly greater than the value of each element. In other words, putting all these elements in a single package and having people learn how to use all of them at the same time would give them the ability to create solutions and strategies that most people would never be able to create, and then help them eliminate the barriers that might keep them from taking action.

This program is unlike anything we’ve ever offered

No matter what courses or programs you’ve done with us before, the Unstoppable Mindset Program is new and groundbreaking. I don’t think anyone else in the world has ever offered anything like this and I don’t know of anyone who even has the mental technologies that would make it possible.

I am really excited because I think this program takes our work to a whole new level. We can now help clients see possibilities for action that most people cannot and will not ever see.

When you put all these elements together, you have a program that makes you virtually unstoppable in successfully reaching your goals. It never occurred to me before that this was even possible, much less that we could help people do this.

Let us know if you’re interested

The Unstoppable Mindset Program is limited to only 20 people. To find out more about how you can …

  • Live without limitations
  • Dissolve automatic negativity
  • Remove barriers to taking action

Click here to register for my webinar on Tuesday, 5pm Pacific Time in which I tell you more about how you can gain these benefits for yourself. I’ll even demonstrate one of the new processes live so you can gain value even if you don’t join the program.


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