Last week two different personal development leaders who are friends of mine told me about yearlong coaching programs they had started offering.  I had never thought of offering such a course myself, but when they told me about their programs I immediately thought about how much value I could deliver in a year using all the different Lefkoe Method Processes.  And when I did, I got so excited that I decided to create such a program immediately.

The word Invitation on a card in an envelope formally inviting yI started thinking about all the benefits people get from sessions with our Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitators, from our digital programs, from our online courses, etc. I thought: What if I could provide you with all the benefits from everything we have ever offered in a single package that is tailor made exclusively for you? It would be a significant breakthrough in our ability to help people achieve a life that, at present, they can only dream of. And providing that breakthrough is what gets me out of bed every morning.

What clients usually request

Clients usually call us to eliminate one specific problem in their lives, such as being stopped by fear, social anxiety, emotional eating, procrastination, or various types of relationship problems. It is very satisfying to help clients get rid of these problems, but I sometimes feel a little disappointed when I know how much more we could do to help them live lives they can’t even imagine.  I feel the same way when people register for one course, such as the Lefkoe Freedom Course (LFC), and then don’t go on to the Advanced Lefkoe Freedom Course (ALFC), when I know the incredible results that that other course produces.

So when I thought about working privately with someone for a full year, helping them get rid of every barrier to happiness they can find, then providing private tutoring to teach them all the material covered in the Lefkoe Freedom and Advanced Lefkoe Freedom Courses (that cost over $2,500), and then identifying and eliminating the more subtle barriers they have that they didn’t even realize they had, I felt that this is what I had been looking for ever since I created the Lefkoe Belief Process almost 30 years ago.

The biggest benefit can’t even be described

This “Year with Morty” will be my opportunity to help five people who qualify to not only achieve everything they’ve always dreamed of, but to create a life beyond anything they even dreamed was possible.

I got into bed last night, really tired, but I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about all that could be accomplished in a full year.  What I realized as I wrote down benefit after benefit was that no matter how complete a description of the goals and benefits of the year with me will provide, such a list would only scratch the surface of what we will accomplish together.  Some of the most exciting benefits will emerge from our time together and I can’t even imagine what they will be at this point.

That’s what happened when I offered the first ALFC. I had a sense of what could be accomplished, so I made a list of some of the benefits I thought we could attain in ten weeks and mailed it out. But I emphasized in the email that the main value of the course was something I couldn’t even anticipate and that would emerge during the course itself. I asked them to trust that I would provide value beyond anything I could describe at that point. They did trust me and I delivered.

As Pricilla Pugh wrote me at the end of that course:

If you want your life to be more peaceful and loving, while, at the same time, you feel free and unstoppable, take any of Morty’s courses, especially the ALFC. I’ve gone from a people-pleasing, timid soul to a live-out-loud, loving, caring soul. There are not many chances in life to make such bold changes for the good, so make the investment of time and energy in yourself and enjoy your life!!”

And Lauren Lagergren wrote:

I noticed that my level of confidence has increased. Specifically, I always felt a ceiling above me that I couldn’t rise above. Since learning

[in the course] to love others unconditionally and realizing points of view have no meaning, that ceiling has disappeared. I actually feel taller and safer around other people. My fears have practically disappeared. I can choose to be passionate about something without feeling like “that’s who I am”. This has increased my awareness and ability to live life as a game. After all, if it isn’t fun, why be alive in the first place?

The benefits of this “Year with Morty” might sound unbelievable

Any description of the benefits of this “Year with Morty” probably would sound totally unbelievable to anyone who hasn’t already had some personal experience with The Lefkoe Method. That’s why this yearlong program will only be offered to people who have at least eliminated a couple of beliefs using the Lefkoe Belief Process.

If you would like to spend a year working with me privately to free yourself from your fears, your stress and your inability to take action—and at the same time create unimagined new possibilities for your life, please click the link below and we’ll provide you with more details shortly.  I’ll explain as best I can how you can have me be your transformational advisor and partner, helping you create a transformed life and live the life of your dreams. I promise we will make magic together. Click here to learn about the “Year With Morty” program


I cannot thank you enough for the hundreds of messages of love and support in overcoming the cancer I was diagnosed with.  And I know that many of you who haven’t written have been sending me love and support also.

Thanks for loving me.  I love you too.

I’d love to know what you think of this idea of creating a tailor-made yearlong program for only five people who qualify. Please leave your comments below.

If you haven’t yet eliminated at least one of your limiting self-esteem beliefs using the Lefkoe Belief Process, go to our belief-unlearning program where you can eliminate several limiting beliefs free.

You also can find out about Natural Confidence, an interactive digital program that enables you to eliminate 19 of the most common negative beliefs, which cause some of the most common behavioral and emotional problems we face.

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