One day I was having lunch with my friend Denis Hann. I told him of my plans to train thousands of people to use my method to help others change their limiting beliefs. I said that this was how I hoped to reach millions of people and transform the world.

You’ll never guess what he told me.

He said, “It doesn’t matter how many people you train. You’ll never transform the world that way in a hundred years. It takes you about a year to train a group of 20 people. And maybe one out of 100 will train others. That one person who trains others will get the same results or worse. It’ll take a long time to multiply your efforts that way.”

“But what other alternative do I have?” I said.

He thought for a bit. Then he said, “There’s got to be a way to get people through your process and get rid of beliefs without a live human being guiding them.”

“Maybe… but I have no idea what it is.”

During this conversation Denis suggested that an interactive video program—a program people could respond to and that could respond back—would be able to guide individuals into eliminating beliefs on their own.

So we worked for two years to produce the first interactive video program to help people bust the beliefs that cause the fear of public speaking—which is one of the ways that a lack of self-confidence shows up for many people.

We had spent a lot of money ($347,234) to create a high-quality program—that turned out to have a lot more bells and whistles than we actually needed—and were a little nervous as we allowed 39 fearful public speakers to initially test the interactive video.

We sent the beta testers surveys to see how effective the program was. Did their fear actually go away? We had the results compiled for us into one spreadsheet so we could see at a glance if we’d succeeded or failed.

When the envelope arrived with the results, we waited with baited breath. If the program didn’t work, our investment would be lost… As we scanned the results we were excited to discover that over 86% of the formerly fearful speakers totally got rid of their fear of public speaking with our program.

In fact we were overjoyed. Finally, we knew we could help people get rid of their beliefs quickly and easily with interactive video. Denis was right. This was the way to help millions of people and change the world.

A few years later we created the Natural Confidence program which has helped thousands change their lives.

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Morty Lefkoe