Empty Road With An Opportunity DoorLast week I reminded you that dissolving the meaning we give events all day long will virtually stop your negative feelings and stress. Then I gave you a link to a web App that would allow you to do just that whenever you noticed a negative feeling.

If you have a hard time believing that merely dissolving meaning will totally eliminate stress, read what Rob Shapiro, an emergency room doctor, wrote me just a couple of weeks ago about his experience of dissolving meaning:

… all stress experienced by my body and mind at my job had been completely eliminated. That’s right, ALL stress! Don’t get me wrong, it remained a very busy and stressful environment, but I got to the point where I could go through an entire 12-hour shift and remain at peace the entire time.

There is a second major benefit from dissolving meaning

I’ve already explained on several occasions that less stress will result in you being a healthier person and probably living longer life. But if that isn’t enough reason to make regular use of this revolutionary web App, today I want to explain how dissolving meaning will also increase your ability to be more successful in achieving whatever you want to achieve.

Imagine that you lose your job and you unconsciously and automatically give that event the meanings: It was my fault. I’ll never find another job. There are no good jobs out there. What are the possibilities for finding another job, given what you think is true about your situation? … Not very good, are there?

Now imagine you dissolve those meanings and you are left with just the simple fact: You are out of work and need another job. Without the negative meanings in the way, you might think about your contacts on LinkedIn who might be able to help. You remember the friend who mentioned a few weeks ago an opening at his firm. You think of all the friends you have who’d be willing to introduce you to the HR department at their firm. Etc.

Dissolving meaning changes your reality

In other words, a reality in which you were responsible for losing your job and in which there are no good jobs available is a reality is which you don’t have many possibilities for finding a new job. But change that reality (which actually only exists in your mind, not in the world) and all of a sudden possibilities open up.

Because our moment-to-moment meanings seem like part of reality to us, they limit our options for taking action in the world. Dissolving those meanings not only relieves us from emotional suffering, it also opens up opportunities that would otherwise not have been open to us.

A few comments from people who tried our web App

Here are what a few people who tried the web App last week said about their experience:

Thank you for the steps. They worked great! I will be sure to tell everyone I know about this. Thank you so much. – Ted

This is awesome really awesome.. thanks…- Essay Papers

It seems so simple but yet it is so effective. It worked great after a big fight with my son, I had a lot of guilty feelings but was able to eliminate them based on this app! – Thanks! – Lisa

Great work Morty! It’s exciting to see how this process is becoming simpler and easier to use for more people. I just went through it and found it super helpful. And an App is a great idea! – Matt

I really had to be honest with myself when answering the last question. It’s easy for me to hold onto negative emotions but in reality when I got to the end, the feeling really was gone. I laughed at the fact that I would become anxious or fearful over a story I told myself that wasn’t even true. Great app! – Laurie

It will take less than three minutes

Although I have taught hundreds of people in our Lefkoe Freedom Course how to reduce the frequency of the meaning they attribute to moment-to-moment events from 50+ a day to just several a week, I didn’t have an easy way to teach anyone how to consistently dissolve individual meanings and emotions in just a few minutes.

I have finally created a simple series of steps that will enable you to identify a negative feeling as you’re experiencing it, distinguish between the event and the meaning that is causing the feeling, and then dissolve both the meaning and the feeling. Completing all the steps should take less than three minutes.

My intention is to turn this version of the Lefkoe Freedom Process into a smartphone App that you and everyone else in the world can use to eliminate negative feelings whenever you notice them.

But before we build the smartphone App, I want to make sure it works consistently and that every step is crystal clear. So we’ve made the Lefkoe Freedom Process-App into a web-based program.

Please try it (no charge) and see how effective it is in dissolving both the meaning and negative feeling the meaning creates in just minutes. Then notice that you have possibilities and opportunities that you did not see before. Finally, I have two favors to ask:

Let’s make it available to the world

  1. Please leave me a note at the bottom of this blog post letting me know your experience. If there was any part of the process that did not work for you, if you were confused at any point, if you have any suggestions for improvement, if it worked perfectly, etc., please let me know.
  1. If it worked for you, please tell as many people as possible about it and give them the link. My long-range goal is to eliminate stress and emotional suffering in the world and I’d appreciate your assistance in reaching the seven billion people whose suffering can be relieved. I also want people to begin to realize that most of their limitations are in their minds, not in the world.

Here’s where to find the LFP-APP.

A Note to Readers

I met with my surgeon last Friday and she told me she wished all her patients were like me. No pain whatsoever now or at any time since my surgery three weeks ago. My incision is healing perfectly. After losing about a foot of my colon, my bowels are working fine.

I’ll be meeting with my oncologist next week to see what she has to say.

In the meantime I am pursuing all my alternative approaches, including high dose vitamin C, cannabis, a ketogenic diet (to reduce glucose in my system, which cancer feeds on), and a bunch of supplements and vitamins that will improve my immune function and fight cancer cells.

People are telling me I look as good as I have in years. And I have a strange reaction sometimes when people ask me, with concern in their voice, “How are you feeling?” I feel so good and am so confident that the cancer will be totally gone soon, that I forget for a minute why they are asking and think to myself: “Why are you concerned? I feel fine!”

I literally forget about my diagnosis for days on end and do not have the slightest doubt that what I’m doing will be effective. For me it’s like: I know I’m okay and in a few weeks/months my doctors will see the evidence and agree.

Thanks for your love and support. I really appreciate it and know that it is helping.


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