This past week I was attending my bi-annual meeting of the Transformational Leadership Council in New Orleans.  At one point I was talking to Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies about the important distinction between inspiration, which comes from who we really are (consciousness, the “creator”) and intention, which comes from who we think we are (the ego, the “creation”).

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In the middle of the conversation I had a thought that might explain why the Law of Attraction works sometimes and not other times.

When you are inspired to do something (inspirations are created out of nothing, “just because”), the creator that you really are will help to manifest that inspiration.  The “universe” will support you.

On the other hand, when your ego sets an intention (intentions are shaped and limited by our prior beliefs), you generally will not be supported by who you really are, by consciousness, by the “universe.”

In other words, consciousness will help to manifest the visions it inspired to begin with.  And the ego will have to work hard to bring its intentions to fruition.


What I am suggesting is that the Law of Attraction is nothing more that consciousness manifesting its own creations (namely your inspirations).  The “Law” is not applicable to intentions it did not create.

Obviously it is possible to achieve ego-created intentions with effective strategies and actions, but you will not have the Law of Attraction’s support in the same way as you would if you were focused on implementing an inspiration.

Take a look in your own life.  Think about the times that the Law of Attraction seemed to be working, when merely thinking about something seemed to be enough for it to manifest.  And then think about the times that you struggled to get something you wanted.  Was the goal you were striving to achieve a function of an intention or an inspiration?

Does this distinction explain when the LOA works for you and when it doesn’t? Tell me and my readers your stories.

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