Two weeks ago, we started a three-part series on how Morty created some of his most useful ideas.  We discussed the Lefkoe Belief Process in Part 1.  In Part 2, we discussed how Morty created the Lefkoe Occurring Process.  In this the third and final post of this series, we’ll discuss how the idea behind our belief-eliminating videos was created.

Morty’s friend Denis Hann told him his dream was impossible.

Morty shared that he wanted to train enough Lefkoe Method Facilitators to transform the entire world. Denis replied, “It doesn’t matter how many people you train. You’ll never transform the world that way in a hundred years. It takes you about a year to train a group of 20 people. And maybe one out of 100 will train others. That one person who trains others will get the same results or worse. It’ll take a long time to multiply your efforts that way.”

“But what other alternative do I have?” Morty said.

Denis thought for a bit. Then he said, “There’s got to be a way to get people through your process and get rid of beliefs without a live human being guiding them.”

Morty explained all the reasons this would be difficult if not impossible
Most people couldn’t eliminate a belief using written instructions in a book.  We’d tried leading groups through the process and that didn’t work very well. Some people struggled to eliminate a belief even with a trained facilitator helping them.

How could people possibly eliminate beliefs without a human being guiding them along, helping them through the rough spots?

Denis persisted. He suggested that it may be possible if the solution were interactive. If a program were devised that could allow a person to hear the questions, choose an answer, then get a response tailored to their answer … maybe that would work. Denis said this would be possible if the program were put onto DVDs. People could enter responses with the keypad on the remote.

After some time and some persistence from Denis, Morty agreed that this was possible
Then Morty and Denis drew up plans and began to work. They decided to make a highly professional program to help people eliminate their fear of public speaking. This project involved high-quality filming led by a Hollywood director, real actors to dramatize the sources of limiting beliefs and a script that was edited by professional screenwriters. The entire project took two years and cost over $300,000. Denis invested this money hoping the program would be a blockbuster.

Once the program was produced, it was time to test it
We found 39 people with fear of public speaking to test the video program. We were a bit nervous. If the program worked, we’d have a product to sell and make back Denis’s investment. If the program failed, we’d have to go back to a very expensive drawing board.

Once all 39 people completed the program, we sent them surveys to find out how effective it was. Did their fear of public speaking go away?
The results would be mailed to us. When we opened the mailbox and saw the envelope, we waited with bated breath. We were about to discover if the past two years of effort would pay off. We scanned the results. Eighty-six percent of the fearful speakers were now formerly fearful speakers. Their fear was either completely gone or diminished to almost nothing.

We were overjoyed.

Denis was right, it was possible to help people get rid of beliefs without a human being present. Our hope was that we’d help millions of people and change the world.

However, we didn’t quite achieve that level of result. We did help thousands get rid of their fear of public speaking but we never made enough from the program to pay back the investment. About six years ago, we stopped offering that program altogether.

Fortunately, from the ashes of our fear of public speaking DVD came something that would help far more people
We had learned that it was possible to eliminate beliefs by video. We’d even improved our belief-eliminating process since the DVD’s were created so we knew we could get even better results if we created a new program from scratch. So we took all the insights we’d gained and made a new program which cost us much less to produce. That program is called Natural Confidence. And since 2008 it has helped thousands of people.

So what can we learn from this adventure?

First, it’s so important that you get to know people with perspectives different than your own
Denis produced movies. He was used to looking at moving masses of people. So he was able to see that we weren’t going to get anywhere near the masses without a product that could eliminate beliefs.

Second, it’s even more important that you listen to these differing perspectives
Maybe their ideas seem strange at first, but also maybe there’s a way to make use of them. Morty was able to listen to Denis even though his past experience didn’t support a new way of doing things.

Third, experiment cheaply
Morty and Denis made a huge, expensive plan to test eliminating beliefs by video. The product was both a success and a failure. It succeeded in helping hundreds of people eliminate their fear of public speaking. It failed because it never made back the money spent to create the program.

That’s why our second try at creating such a product — Natural Confidence — was done using a much smaller investment. This allowed us to create several test products to improve the program before creating the version you see today.

In this series, we’ve seen that Morty created some of his best ideas in a variety of ways
He created the Lefkoe Belief Process as a result of trying to solve the problem of changing human behavior. He created the Lefkoe Occurring Process as a result of trying to make use of a concept in a book he read.

Morty and I were able to create belief-eliminating videos because Denis helped us see that our dream wasn’t possible with the methods we were using. I don’t believe there is a single path towards innovation. The best way to get a new idea is not to have a best way. But to be open to ideas arriving from many different pathways.

How to dissolve negative feelings in seconds (and make it a compelling habit)

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