This post assumes you already have eliminated at least one belief using the Lefkoe Belief Process and used the “Who am I Really?” Process to experience yourself as the creator of your life.  If you haven’t visit first so you can eliminate a belief and have that experience.

In my last post I suggested one technique for getting rid of upsets and suffering in your life.  Here’s another way to achieve that result.

When you say: “I am upset,” who is the “I” that is upset? …  Please take a minute and answer the question. …

Remember, you eliminated a belief that you had thought was who you are.  You had said at the start of the Lefkoe Belief Process: I’m not good enough (or important or anything else).  Then after the belief was gone I asked you: “Are you still here?”  And you answered, “Yes, I am still here.”

So if who you think you are disappears and you are still here, you can’t be who you think you are.  You can’t be your beliefs (I am …) and the feelings and actions that stem from the beliefs.

“How did mom and dad’s interactions with you get translated into beliefs in your mind?” I asked.

You answered, “I put them there when I gave a meaning to my parents’ meaningless comments and actions.”

“So,” I asked, “do you get that who you really is the creator of your beliefs, not the sum total of your beliefs?”

You replied, “Yes.”

And “consciousness” is the word I suggested you use to describe who you really are.

As soon as you get, not merely as a concept but deep down, that you aren’t your beliefs, feelings or behavior—you are the creator of them all—you will be able to observe your “upset” and not be run by it.

Who you think you are can suffer; who you really are can’t.

As abstract ideas to be thought about and agreed or disagreed with, what I’ve just written has no power to relieve your upsets and suffering.  When experienced, it has such power.

If what I’ve written is merely an interesting theory and has no real meaning for you, do the “Who am I Really?” Process at the end of whichever free belief you eliminated.  If you purchased the full program, there is a link just for that process on the upper left side of your screen when you log in to the program.  (

Doing that process will quickly and easily help you shift your identity from a creation to the creator of the creation (consciousness).  In that space, there is no upset and no suffering.

After you use the WAIR? process to shift your identity, you will be experiencing yourself as the creator of your life.  At that point state out loud and allow yourself to fully experience:

I have beliefs, I am not my beliefs.
I have thoughts, I am not my thoughts.
I have feelings, I am not my feelings.
I do things, I am not my actions.
I am the consciousness that creates and then observes my beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Understood as concepts, these words are useless.  Experienced deeply while in the “creator” state, these words will dissolve any upset or suffering you had been feeling.

You may not always be able to affect what happens to you.  You can always determine how you feel about what happens to you.

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