People like you and I can make profound and lasting changes in our lives, if we have the right knowledge and support. To insure that you have ready access to that knowledge and support I’ve created a Facebook Page that is dedicated to providing them. It has been created for people committed to improving the quality of their lives …

who know that the “good life” requires constant growth …

who aren’t satisfied with a life of “here’s how it happened to turn out”…

who are always asking “what if …?” and “why not …?”…

who want to free themselves from their self-imposed limitations …

who believe that true satisfaction ultimately comes from contributing to others …

who are committed to, as one person said on my blog, “living the best life possible.”

Do you see yourself here?

If your answer is “yes,” if this message resonates inside you, I’m here to tell you that this site was created just for you. You can make lasting and dramatic changes in your life even if the methods you’ve tried before didn’t work for you. Together we can make it happen.

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Many of us know intellectually that we are spiritual beings living day to day as human beings.  But most of us don’t experience and act on that knowledge a lot of the time.  We forget who we really are.  We act as if we are only a “creation,” when really we are the “creator” of that creation.  It is possible to fully experience who we really are when we do the “Who Am I Really?” Process.  In that state we experience anything is possible and that we have no limitations.

Use the WAIR? Process and have this experience for yourself if you haven’t already.  You can find it at the end of the free belief-elimination process at or as a separate downloadable program in any of our packages of beliefs and conditionings.

At our Facebook site (“become a fan”) we will remind you who you really are and give you the tools to be able to easily experience who you really are.

All of us need two things:

1.  the ability to free ourselves from our self-imposed limitations so we can live a more stress-free and satisfying life and

2.  the ability to regularly get in touch with the energy/consciousness/creator we really are.

We will provide you with tools to do both.

Use this site to ask your own questions and answer the questions of others.  What has helped you and what has disappointed you?  Books, workshops, CDs, DVDs, personal growth gurus.  Let’s create a site that will support all of us who really want to improve the quality of our lives.

How can we collaborate, cooperate, create what we want and need, explore and even enjoy ourselves?

The Internet now makes conversations possible that weren’t possible before.  Let’s learn from each other.  We no longer have to associate primarily with people in our neighborhoods, schools, or place of business.  Now we can find people with similar interests all over the world.  We’ve had customers in over 45 countries, all with a similar goal: to eliminate the barriers that keep them from being able to do what they’ve always wanted to do and live the live they’ve always wanted to live.

We at Lefkoe Institute see our job as supporting such people.  We’ve developed The Lefkoe Method that has proven itself repeatedly to make profound improvements in people’s lives.  Our mission is sharing it with the world, in order to help people free themselves from their internal limitations, so they can recreate their lives.

Moreover, the principles underlying the The Lefkoe Method explain many things about human behavior that weren’t clearly understood before.  That knowledge, which we are committed to sharing with you, enables you to better understand yourself and others.

Tell me what you want and need and we’ll do our best to provide it. Share about your own journey. Tell me what general topics you want covered and I’ll write about them in my weekly blog posts (which you can listen to as a podcast).  I’ll answer your specific personal questions on the Facebook/Recreate Your Life fan page.

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