Because people are not used to permanently eliminating beliefs (processes that are guaranteed to totally and permanently eliminate long-standing beliefs are rare), people aren’t sure what to expect when a belief really is eradicated.

Actually, there can be a wide variety of responses. We have had people tell us that they felt their life was transformed, like an oppressive weight had been lifted from their shoulders. They were clear their life would never be the same.

Other people aren’t even sure the belief is gone. “I’m not sure” is their reaction. This reaction is usually the result of holding the belief: Change is difficult and takes a lot of time. Such people usually have eliminated the belief and have a hard time accepting that they can get rid of a belief in just a few minutes. They believe that what they just did is impossible!

Others experience that the belief is gone at the moment, but fear that it will return at some point in the future. Such people have done processes that purported to permanently eliminate beliefs in the past but the belief always “came back.”

Still other people realize the belief really is gone; it no longer resonates, the words sound meaningless, it is easier to say the belief.  But the overall feeling is sort of: “So what?  It’s gone.  Now what?”

That’s a reasonable response, because most people don’t care about getting rid of beliefs; they want to get rid of the everyday problems that affect them daily. Some of the most common (and the approximate number of beliefs and conditionings that cause each) are:

Procrastination (16), need for the approval of others (10), fear of rejection (9), social anxiety (16), high levels of stress (23), a critical “little voice” in your head (18), perfectionism (14), a lack of confidence (23), and relationship difficulties (10-20).

Each of these everyday problems has a different number of beliefs (and conditionings) and the problem won’t be totally gone until all of the beliefs have been eliminated.

For example, here is a list of the beliefs and conditionings that cause procrastination:


Mistakes and failure are bad.
I’m not good enough.
Change is difficult.

What makes me good enough or important is having people think well of me.
Nothing I do is good enough.
I’m not capable.
I’m not competent.
If I make a mistake I’ll be rejected.
I’m a failure.
I’m stupid.
I’m not worthy.
I’m powerless.
What makes me good enough or important is doing things perfectly.


Fear associated with criticism and judgment.
Fear associated with not meeting expectations.
Fear associated with rejection

Thus, the ultimate test of whether or not a belief has been eradicated is when the problem disappears after you eliminate a bunch of beliefs and conditionings.

One of easiest problems to eliminate (if you know the source) is a phobia, which is caused only one or two beliefs and one or two conditionings. The most complicated problems to eliminate are chronic depression and eating disorders, which can have over 30 beliefs and conditionings, many of which are unique to each person.

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