How to create the space for others to grow around you

A guest post by Shelly Lefkoe
As most of you know my beloved husband Morty has been through quite a journey. He was diagnosed with […]

Another way to look at death is …

My mommy died last week at the age of 91. Technically she was my mother-in-law, but in my mind and my heart, she had […]

How to stop arguments before they start. Guaranteed.

One of the biggest sources of unhappiness in our lives is the arguments we have with our friends and loved ones. In fact, for […]

If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

I frequently get emails and phone calls from people who have been struggling for many years, people who are unhappy with their lives much […]

Don’t Take No For An Answer

This week’s post is written by my wife, Shelly Lefkoe, who has been a Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitator for about 25 years. Although it […]

Why you don’t need to forgive anyone

My wife Shelly really disliked my father.  Before he died over 20 years ago she was polite when we were with him, but when […]

What is the relationship between financial success and personal growth?

The tens of millions of people who are interested in self-improvement have two different but related focuses: financial success and personal growth.

People who primarily […]

Did You Have Wonderful Parents?

Perhaps the single most common question I get from people who are using the Lefkoe Belief Process to eliminate beliefs is: “Why do you […]