But I Want To Have Positive Emotions

“If almost all emotions come from meaning and I no longer give meaning to events, does that mean I won’t have any more positive […]

Is It Working For You?

In last week’s post I asked why most people don’t learn how to dissolve meaning when it makes such a profound improvement in their […]

I spoke at TEDx: How to stop suffering

For the past couple of months my main focus has been preparing a TEDx talk that I delivered in Hoboken, NJ last Friday, June […]

Suffering is unnecessary

Imagine you’re driving down a country road at night and suddenly you get a flat tire.  Have you ever had a flat tire late […]

Do you experience stress?

Would you be surprised to learn that April 16 has been proclaimed National Stress Awareness Day in the United States?

Once you realize that that […]

You can have much more happiness than you realize

Most people are more interested in avoiding or relieving pain than in achieving and experiencing happiness.

Thus most people go into psychotherapy or pursue “self-help” […]

Your questions get answered

Last week’s post sparked a lot of comments and questions.  I wrote on the dangers of trying to be positive when you are feeling […]

Trying to be "positive" doesn’t work

I recently was having a conversation with a very close friend.  She had just broken up with her boyfriend after a long relationship; she […]

Are we robots?

The behaviorist school of thought maintains that behaviors as such can be described scientifically without recourse either to internal physiological events or to hypothetical […]