I’m starting this blog at the beginning of 2008 to share what I’ve learned as a result of helping over 13,000 people about

  • getting rid of persistent problems in one’s life,
  • being able to produce significant change easily and permanently,
  • and living at choice instead of at the effect of one’s feelings, people, and circumstances.

It was 23 years ago on January 2 that I was on a plane from New York to Los Angeles with five hours on my hands, and I found myself thinking about my own life. I had been struggling for a long time to get my training programs accepted by companies. But in spite of making many presentations, I wasn’t getting yeses. And here I was again, flying cross-country to try once more.

I thought of the old Fred Astaire song from the movie Swing Time: “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.” That was my pattern, repeated day after day. Well, I wondered, a lot of people said your life is ultimately the result of your beliefs, so what did I believe that could be responsible for the pattern I had just identified in my life?

I had always seen myself as someone who never gave up. No matter what, I’d keep going. In fact, that was the one trait most people who knew me always acknowledged. So what did I actually believe? Five hundred or so miles later I had found the answer:

What makes me good enough is overcoming obstacles.

I had based my self-esteem on never giving up. In fact, it felt as if that’s who I really was.

If the way a person’s life turns out is the result of one’s beliefs, I thought, what would show up in my life if I believed What makes me good enough is overcoming obstacles?

Obstacles, of course! Not success, because that wouldn’t give me an opportunity to demonstrate that I’d never give up. I needed obstacles to prove that nothing could ever stop me. And I had been proving it all my life, especially during the prior year or so.

I continued to question. Where did I get that idea from? Why did I think that? I thought and wrote for almost five hours. By the time I landed I felt different, as if something profound had shifted in me, but I didn’t know what.

I made the business presentation I had flown to LA for and returned home the next day
still musing over the remarkable shift I had experienced on the plane. What had happened to me? What did it mean?

I had just started trying to explain to my wife, Shelly, what I realized on the plane, when the phone rang. It was Carter, Hawley, Hale, the company I had made my presentation to in LA. I had gotten the assignment.

I hung up the phone and turned back to my wife. “It looks like I really did eliminate a belief, because the obstacles just disappeared. I got the assignment!” Shelly was thrilled. “Tell me what you did on the plane,” she pleaded.

“I’m not sure,” I answered honestly. I had to find out what I did to make the belief go away, because not only didn’t I have the belief anymore, something had changed in my life. I was certain this shift in me was the key to what I was looking for in my work. If I could help people have the same kind of transformational experience, my work with organizations and individuals would have unlimited possibilities.

Eventually I was able to write down the steps to what I came to call the Decision Maker7 Process (I have since renamed the belief-elimination method the Lefkoe Belief Process and all of the processes that produce permanent change The Lefkoe Method.). I had created a technique that would assist individuals to identify the specific beliefs that had determined their behavior, feelings and attitudes, and then to totally eliminate those beliefs.

In this blog I will describe:

  • the power of beliefs, in other words, how our beliefs determine our behavior, feelings, and perceptions,
  • the core beliefs and other associated beliefs that cause the serious and the everyday problems we are faced with, e.g., depression, eating disorders, phobias, relationship problems, money difficulties, anxiety, fear of public speaking, social anxiety, and procrastination,
  • case histories that describe how people just like you quickly, easily, and permanently got rid of their barriers to a happy and successful life by eliminating the belief systems that formed the barriers,
  • some of the other processes that make up The Lefkoe Method, including a process that de-conditions the stimuli for undesirable feelings, for example, fear caused by making mistakes, being criticized, and not meeting people’s expectations, or anger caused by being told what to do or being ignored,
  • a process you can learn to use on your own to get rid of upsets almost immediately,
  • the powerful spiritual component of The Lefkoe Method, in which one experiences that another is possible and that there are no limitations,
  • and much more.

If you haven’t yet eliminated at least one of your limiting self-esteem beliefs using The Lefkoe Method, go to htp://www.recreateyourlife.com/free where you can eliminate one belief free.

I look forward to a continuing dialogue on these and other related topics. Please respond with your comments and questions.

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