One of the most joyous things that Morty does is write his blogs.  He loves thinking about how he can come up with new ideas, distinctions and processes that will make a difference in your lives.  He reads, thinks, and is always dedicated to consistently contributing so that your lives can be freer.


It is obvious to all of you who loyally read his blog that he hasn’t written in awhile.  So I am writing to fill you in.


Heart symbol in feminine hand. Conceptual design.Morty has had a return of lymphoma and it hit pretty hard this time.  His hemoglobin is very low and so he doesn’t have as much oxygen to his brain and it’s really hard for him to think.  Hence, no blog.


As always, he is searching his soul for what he can learn from all of this that he can share with you that you might use to enrich your own lives.


He will be back and wants me to tell you how much you all mean to him.  Morty always says that his work his not his work but his life.  He couldn’t do what he does and fulfill his purpose in life without you, his tribe.


So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and caring.


We continue to not give meaning to what is happening so we are both in very good shape spiritually.  While we appreciate all your suggestions and desire to help it can get overwhelming so I ask that you just send prayers, healing light, keep him in your meditations and all will be well.  I promise!


With love and gratitude,