It took 17 years but it’s finally here.

My last book, Recreate Your Life, was published in 1997.  My newest book, Live An Unlimited Life (LAUL), was officially published this week.  Yea!!!

LAUL cover picture 032614I cannot be more excited.  Not only am I presenting in one place information about almost all of the processes that comprise The Lefkoe Method, how they are used, and the results they produce—I have found a revolutionary book format in which to present the book.

Actually, it isn’t really a “book.”  It is more an interactive media experience that can be accessed either through an iPad App or the Safari or Chrome web browsers. There are so many unique features that this is the only way they could all be presented in a digital book.

It is my intention that this “experience” produces a profound difference in your life.

What you will learn

Here’s just some of what the LAUL covers:

  • How stimulus conditioning causes many of our negative feelings and how to unlearn this conditioning.
  • How to overcome fear of failure, rejection and criticism.
  • How parents can raise children to form positive instead of negative beliefs.
  • How to overcome the inner barriers that keep you from taking action on your most important goals and dreams.
  • Emotional eating, its cause and cure.
  • Why we often feel angry, doing and saying things we later regret, and how to get rid of the causes of anger so you can be calm and collected in even the most difficult of situations.
  • Why beliefs have the power they do to run our lives.
  • How to unlearn limiting beliefs for good.
  • How to stop stress in two-steps.
  • How we unconsciously and automatically add meaning to meaningless events and how to dissolve that meaning.
  • How dissolving the meaning of events in our memory can permanently eliminate all negative emotions connected with the event.
  • … and lots more.

There are 29 chapters that cover 11 different topics.

LAUL is designed to be used, not merely read

LAUL explains ideas verbally, then includes demonstrations of those ideas, and even gives you the opportunity to engage in activities that cement in your learning.

For example, I explain how the belief unlearning process works, then I show you a video of me helping another person unlearn a belief, then you can eliminate a belief of your own using an interactive process, and finally you get to reflect on what you learned and take notes.

The problem I have with most written material, including books, is that you learn potentially useful information, but you don’t necessarily apply that information to improve your life.

That’s why LAUL was not created (“written” is not really the right word) merely to be read.  It is designed to be used.  You can learn something by reading, but you have to take action to experience transformation, to make a fundamental change in your life.

So this eBook is designed, first, to inform you, and then to tell you how to use what you’ve learned to improve the quality of your life.  All the unique features of LAUL’s format are designed to improve the interactivity of the eBook.

When you go through this tell, show, do process you’ll really get it.

LAUL doesn’t look like a book

One of the first things you’ll notice when you get LAUL is that looks more like a magazine page than a printed book.  There is color on most pages, the type is frequently in two columns instead of one, important material is presented in very large colored type to break up the black type, there are photos accompanying each chapter, and most chapters contain video links.

The purpose of this is to engage both sides of the brain at the same time and to make the printed material a lot easier to read.

You even can “do” this book with others

LAUL also has a community element that I’ve never seen in any other book.

You can leave comments just for me or share them with other readers of the book. And you can read the comments of others and reply back.  It’s like having a discussion group on the various topics in the book, only you don’t have to leave your home.

Moreover, you can read LAUL, or listen to me read it to you, or listen to me at the same time you read it.  You can even read it while listening to background music.

As I said, LAUL is really an interactive media experience.  You’re completely immersed in the material.  You see it, you hear it, and you do it.

You get automatic updates

When an author wants to update something in his printed book, he has to create a new edition.  It can take years before the public gains access to the new material. And, obviously, people have to pay money to purchase the new edition.

Well, this digital eBook is different.  Because LAUL exists as an iPad App and a digital version accessed by Safari or Chrome browsers, it can easily be updated.  When I want to add material or change something I’ve already written, I can update the eBook and in no time you’ll have the latest version.  No need to wait or pay for a new edition

LAUL has a discounted price this week only

So if you want to immerse yourself in this unique learning experience go to

Until Friday, March 28th you can get a special discount on the book. So instead of paying the regular list price of $24.99, you can get it for 25% off, or $17.99.

Why I waited so long since my last book

Because The Lefkoe Method is about taking actions that will transform the quality of your life, not merely understanding what to do, I’ve hesitated in writing another book.  When my friend Dave Ellis told me about the new book format he had created that was an interactive experience that focused on having the reader “do” rather than merely “read,” I said to him: “This is what I’ve been waiting for.”  And now here it is.  I trust you will be as excited when you experience LAUL as I was in creating it.

When you secure your access to Live An Unlimited Life, please leave me a note in the book.  I’d love to hear from you and respond.  And if you want to introduce your friends and family to TLM, LAUL is the best possible way to do it.  Especially this week during the sale price.


Thanks for reading my blog.  Please post your questions or comments on my new digital book.  Disagreement is as welcome as agreement. Your comments add value for thousands of readers.  I love to read them all and I will respond to as many as I can.

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