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Client Success Story

It is beyond words to says how well this program works and how magnificent Shelly Lefkoe is as a facilitator.

We’ve worked together several times, but the changes from last week’s session are astounding to me.

First we worked on “I’m not capable.”
Guess what I did this week?
I wrote 2 very important, “legalize” letters all by myself, and sent them!
NEVER would I have done that before getting rid of the belief “I’m not capable.”

We also worked on the belief “If people knew me they wouldn’t like me.”
My husband is a musician, and I NEVER go out with him to gigs or parties.
Now that I’ve gotten rid of the belief “If people knew me they wouldn’t like me”, the past 2 weeks I’ve gone to “open mic” with him, and have really enjoyed myself.

Not only that, here I am sharing this testimonial for all the world to see me.

I’m astounded at my own changes!!!

Thank you, Shelly.

Love and more love,

Barbara Footer
St. John, Virgin Islands, United States

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