Emotional Eating: My Kindle Book Describes The Cause And Cure

I’ve had many breakthroughs over the years, from creating the Lefkoe Belief Process that quickly and permanently eliminates the beliefs that run our lives, […]

Do you know about the two types of conditioning that have caused the emotional eating epidemic?

During the past two years I’ve written several blog posts about emotional eating and its causes.  As I learned more about emotional eating from […]

Emotional eating: the cause and the cure

Joanne was 52 when she called me to help her with her weight problem.  She said she needed to lose 80-90 pounds, but her […]

The Causes And Cure For Overeating


The more we work with clients who have a problem of overeating, the more convinced I am that we have come up with an […]

How to stop emotional eating (and other compulsive behavior problems) for good

When I first started helping clients whose major complaint was emotional eating—eating for emotional reasons when they really weren’t hungry—I assumed that the problem […]

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Eating/Weight Problems: The Source and Solution

Most of the behavioral or emotional problems we want to get rid of are relatively simple to deal with.  We procrastinate.  We worry all […]