Celebrate What’s Right With The World

Here’s a link to the video Celebrating What’s Right With The World.

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How I healed an emotional wound

To check out the book The Four Sacred Gifts click here.

Client Success Story

It is beyond words to says how well this program works and […]

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A message about sexual assault

A transcript of the video is found below the client success story …

I was thinking back the other day about what has had […]

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Thanksgiving Message 2017

A message of thanks we received recently …

Shelly I miss Morty so much! Wish i had met him in person. His teachings continue to […]

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My hero

Saturday is Veterans Day. It is also the two year anniversary of my husband, Morty Lefkoe’s death.

I don’t want to compare him to a […]

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The Power Of Validating Other’s Feelings

A Recent Success Story

I was gifted with young onset Parkinson’s disease and experienced the Identity Loss phenomenon of a retiree. To be honest, I […]

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Limiting Beliefs – How they destroy the love of learning

I was capable.  Wasn’t I?

I was 23 and lived alone in New York City.  For the next 8 years I toured the world, and […]

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In Honor Of Morty

May 17th was Morty, my late husband’s, birthday.  He was the creator of the Lefkoe Method and along with me the co-founder of the […]

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Three Ways to Turn Holiday Stress Into Joy

Every December I get calls from clients that want to make sure they can deal with the stress of the holidays.

They say “let’s get […]

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