About Shelly Lefkoe

Shelly Lefkoe is co-founder and President of the Lefkoe Institute, and the founder and Parenting the Lefkoeway. She has personally worked with thousands of individuals from around the world. Using The Lefkoe Method she has helped these people eliminate issues as serious as eating disorders, phobias and depression as well as everyday problems like procrastination, shyness, fear of public speaking and the inability to form healthy relationships. Shelly is a speaker, workshop leader, and author of Parenting the Lefkoe Way.

How to find the hidden beliefs that cause procrastination

Paul McCartney woke up from a dream in 1963. In that dream he heard a melody that would lead him to create the most […]

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Why we miss out if our relationships aren’t intentional

Lefkoe Method Training 1 – The Waiting List is Still Open

I I enjoyed every minute of this very insightful course and I do recommend
it. […]

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How to take better care of you even if you have too much to do

Lefkoe Method Training 1 – The Waiting List is Still Open

I I enjoyed every minute of this very insightful course and I do recommend
it. […]

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How to evaluate your year to make next year even better

Here are the five questions:

1. In the areas of relationship, career, financial and health – what were your wins this year
2. In […]

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How to have peace of mind with your family over the holidays even if arguments are the norm

“Eh, you’d piss on your mother’s grave” my father shouted at me. “How could he say something so horrible to me?”, I thought.

Morty […]

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Discover the cause of your fear of failure in just 10 minutes

Tamara puts a bean stew into the oven on Friday.  Then before the sun goes down, she turns off the oven.  But she doesn’t […]

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I had a car accident and am grateful to be alive


Note: Shelly wrote this on October 9th.

On Wednesday, September 26, I had a really bad car accident.  I was T boned, which means someone […]

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How to identify the meanings that cause you to procrastinate (without excessive navel-gazing)

When you turn on an incandescent light bulb, what is happening?

Electricity flows into a very thin wire in the bulb called a filament.

That wire […]

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The fear of not living up to expectations and what to do about it

Success story

When I started the the Lefkoe Freedom Course with Shelly, I had so many occurrings. I woke up in the morning and my […]

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