Last week I sent an email to my entire mailing list asking you for feedback about what makes our work unique.  Specifically I asked you: “How have we helped you in a way no one else has?  What have we done for you that other programs may have overlooked?”

Because I think our work is unique I wanted to find out if you agreed.  I also wanted to use your words to describe The Lefkoe Method in the future.

I promised to read every comment and respond to your answers in a future blog post.  Thank you for the avalanche of responses.  I never thought so many of you would respond.  Here is a very small sample of what you said along with my response:

“I especially like how simple and powerfully you put the viewer in a ‘logic box’ that can only lead him/her to one conclusion: that he/she is ultimately responsible and powerful in their creation of beliefs. The most effective thing I’ve seen in studying positive motivation and success theories so far. Such a breakthrough that I shall continue to recommend to others…. You rock.”

“Found your program unique in the sense it simplifies the approach to eliminate limited or dis-empowering beliefs. We realize that beliefs are our choices and can be changed to make them more empowering.  Thanks for your innovative communication style.”

“There is plenty of literature and videos on the Law of Attraction but only a few of them address the issue of your subconscious filtering/altering the thoughts you generate. They come to the point of saying – so beware of what your subconscious beliefs are. Period. I’ve come across only one system that addresses the resolution of those beliefs in a ‘no-gimmics’ kinda way. And that’s the Lefkoe method. Mankind thanks you.”

“Then you said, somewhere, that ‘Anything only has meaning when we give it meaning.’ A searchlight blasted on in my soul. I had been trying to say that my entire professional career. But it was your words that put it right, that is, accurately, for me. Again, I say you have helped me immensely. Thank you.”

“Morty, thanks to you I know the power of beliefs and how they impact every word we say and every action we take. When we have mostly positive beliefs about life, success & what not, then life becomes like a harmonious play where we can just step into our greatness with ease and joy. I’ll never underestimate the power of beliefs again.”

“Morty, I think the big difference is that your process goes one or two critically important steps further than any other form of therapy. The first is that you don’t stop at simply remembering where a belief or limitation came from (childhood) but you lead the client to take complete ownership of their belief so that they can stop reenacting that belief in their life and they can stop blaming the parent (or anyone else) and as a result, there is an experience of freedom and great relief. The other critically important step is recognizing that you are the creator of your life and therefore, are the creator. This leaves the client totally empowered to self-coach when other survival patterns show up later on.”

“1. You care. Even though it is an ‘artificial’ program and I am not directly meeting you in person I sense and feel your caring and personal touch. …

2. You believe. …

3. You are Honest and have a higher sense of integrity. …

4. You are open to both negative and positive feedback and give a lifetime money back guarantee.”

“First of all, thank you for creating this process! …  What, for me, makes your approach unique and special from the methods all those other good folks use to transform limiting beliefs, is this:

(1) Your method is FUN and EASY to do! Almost like going along with an episode of one’s favorite cartoon, and participating in it!

(2) Your method is COMPLETE, what in science is called necessary and sufficient: it is what you must do, and all you have to do. …

(3) Your method contains THREE necessary elements: understanding, experience, and the all important FELT-SHIFT.

(4) Your method is DEEP: only when the approach is deep enough can you get at the root cause. Only then can change be permanent and can one achieve true knowing, Gnosis. …”

“The thing you have delivered that no one else before ever had to me was permanency of transformation. All the other systems, the ones that worked, involved something that you had to do over and over without slipping, maybe for the rest of one’s life. Now, the only reason I’m using The Lefkoe Method over and over again is that I keep discovering new beliefs to eliminate – and each time leaves me stronger and more free.”

“Most importantly I was given a practical tool on how to bust certain beliefs. No other personal development resource has given me such a tool. I use the Lefkoe Method daily.”

“No other system, method or approach has ever really worked despite many years of attending to this knotty issue of; ‘how to effectively and permanently resolve unwanted beliefs?’ Your process works by taking a hidden subconscious issue and bringing it present into the consciousness of the individual in such a smooth and delightful way it is undeniable and therefore quite real! … Clarity is regained, energy is released and stuck attention is freed up. Energy abounds and happiness is restored. Truly this is one of the most important breakthroughs in mental technology ever innovated – my fondest hope is that the whole world will avail itself of this magnificent discovery!”

“You put things very simply and in a visual way. The almost child-like simplicity of the videos is very appealing and memorable. …  You have consistently asked for feedback. You have not pressurised me to buy your products, which is always off-putting.”

“You’ve given me another view of things Morty. I like the logic and re framing of your arguments. I’ve gone through the free belief busting you’ve published and I look forward to experiencing more when I buy the whole program.”

“I just had no real comprehension how powerful and limiting beliefs can be and more importantly, some effective processes to use to get past them. Now that I’m aware of them, I am constantly asking ‘What is the belief behind this behaviour?’ – with coachees, my kids, my partner, my parents and myself. Your process has assisted me greatly in finding more effective solutions. Your work is so enlightening.”

I am thrilled that so many of you recognize my deep commitment to make a real difference in your lives and that you have gotten so much value from my programs.  My life was so difficult for so many years that when I created the Lefkoe Belief Process (the first of the many processes that now make up The Lefkoe Method) I couldn’t wait to make it available to others so that they would have the same tools I had to fix up their lives.

And I am doubly thrilled that The Lefkoe Method is making such a profound difference in so many lives.  Over 100,000 people visited our free belief site in its first year of operation, with about 35,000 signing up to eliminate at least one belief free.

Our goal at the Lefkoe Institute is to have at least 500,000 visit our site by the end of 2010, with at least 200,000 eliminating at least one belief and experiencing themselves as the creator of their lives.  That would be the best Christmas present I could possibly have a year from now.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving (if you are in a part of the world that celebrates it).

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