First, thanks to everyone who responded to my survey this week.  I was very moved by the responses.  They reminded me of how I felt many years ago when I was trying so many things that didn’t help me. I felt as hopeless and frustrated as many of you do today.

#1 by a land slide was fear.  So many different things can provoke fear in us. Fortunately, I can show you some powerful methods to eliminate fear that have been proven to work in at least one scientific study.  So keep your eye on your inbox as I’ll tell you more in the next few days.

#2 was something that was not an emotion at all.  So I was surprised people mentioned it because I asked for emotional issues.  It was procrastination.  I will show you how to eliminate this problem so you can take action and follow through and finally achieve your full potential.

Originally, I thought I’d only mention the top 2 responses but the third most common response received almost as many mentions as the second, and its impact on people is devastating.  So I thought I’d mention it too.

#3 was anger.  We’ve helped many people who have been overcome by anger and I know just how to stop this problem.  Reducing it’s affect on your life will not only give you peace of mind but improve your relationships with those around you as well.

Second, let’s shift gears for a minute … and let me ask you for more feedback.

Here are my next two questions for you. Feel free to answer either or both of them:

1. What methods of dealing with fear have worked best for you?

2. What methods of dealing with fear have been the biggest disappointment for you?

Fire away with your comments below!